MVA-Huolto is established in 1992. 

We are one of the oldest US-Car workshops and spare parts suppliers in Finland. We do all kinds of automotive works for US-cars.

Our strengths are experience, knowledge and modern tools for US-cars.

MVA-Huolto is also official, certified Hummer workshop.

- When You appreciate Confidence and Experience - 

Mikko Vähänikkilä, the owner

We have three operating sectors:

1. Workshop
- we do all kinds of automotive works for US-cars, from small service up to major rebuilding. MVA-Huolto also rebuilds engines and automatic transmissions. 

2. Spare parts sales
- we sell original and aftermarket spare parts for US-cars. We supply parts through Finland and also to Russian.

3. Car sales
- we sell special sector vehicles; Tri-Star ambulances and special purpose vehicles and AM General HMMWV Hummer -vehicles.

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